Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book review - The Shut Mouth Society

The Shut Mouth Society

Greg Evarts a former black ops veteran forms a freindship with a person who is a member of the Shut Mouth Society when the friend Abraham Douglas is murdered over a document.  The chase and investigation begin to reveal the reason behind the murder.  During the investigation he is assisted by a female Professor Baldwin.  Baldwin's parents were members of the Shut month Society and protecting information about former president Abraham Lincoln.  For Professor Baldwin this is a walk through time learning more about her favorite subject and realizing what her parents were involved in during their lifetime.

I enjoyed the book the pace of the story was good it didn't drag,  The information about Abraham Lincoln was interesting and unknown to me.  I think the characters could of been worked on a bit. Professor Baldwin was one sided you didn't learn till the end that an ex-boyfriend had taken her on a drug raid or taught her to fire a gun.  I couldn't get a mental picture of her looks or style. The sub-plot related to rock robberies could of been developed more this plot only received a line or two every now and then. But overall it was a book I would enjoy reading again.

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